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Frequently asked questions

What ages does Camp Nageela Service?
Our youngest campers are finishing 3rd grade while our TeeNageela program is for campers completing grades 8-10. Waiter/waitress & Staff in Training positions are available for those completing 10th grade & above. Some staff positions are available once post high school while counselors are typically at least college sophomores.

What particulars make Camp Nageela outstanding?
Camp Nageela builds a community that is open, accepting and growth-oriented with a spirit that life should be joyful. (Nageela means joyous!) Our staff draws its strength from traditional Jewish living and practice that emphasizes character development and a positive attitude. This spirit passes on to the campers, as the staff become great friends and role models. If your family values kindness and consideration, responsibility and being a “mentch,” then Camp Nageela is for you.

What safety precautions does Camp Nageela have in place?
Our senior staff has decades of experience in camping , education and youth activities. Our current safety and security protocols are constantly being reviewed and revised to ensure that we incorporate the maximum precautions. Our campgrounds are kept closed with closed-circuit security cameras that monitor the camp’s main entrance and other strategic locations throughout the facility.

Our staff members are hand-picked primarily from our year-round youth program leaders. Our comprehensive pre-camp training focuses on ensuring safety both in and out of camp (i.e. trips), water safety in our pool and lake, personal health and hygiene including hydration and sunscreen, and proper supervision during activities.

Medically speaking, we have a full time registered nurse on premises and a comfortable infirmary. Numerous doctors are within minutes of the camp, allowing for coverage by different insurance options. The local volunteer ambulance service responds within 2 minutes, with an ambulance stationed down the road. In order for parents to feel comfortable that all these safety measures are in place.

What’s the food like?
Nageela meals are delicious, nutritious and healthy! We offer a hot and cold breakfast, a hot lunch with a well-stocked salad bar, and a full supper with two choices. Fruit is served as snack. Special diets (i.e. gluten free, vegetarian, etc) can be accommodated if arranged before camp. A fully stocked canteen with hot and cold food is open during rest hour and at nights for teens. Of course, all food is kosher and prepared in our new, very clean kitchens. Oh and best of all, the Dining Room experience is unforgettable!

Why are some camps like yours not coed?
Camp is a community where children are empowered to try new things and act with fewer inhibitions than when they are in their home environment. This fact is what makes sleep-away camp such a life–enhancing experience. Children try new things, and feel safe to be less than perfect, and even to act silly. When teens and tween (and college-aged staff) of both genders are together, this potential is diminished greatly. The single gender experience allows the joyous spirit of our camp to shine in all it’s strength. To find out more about the benefits of single-gender camping click to st see Boys | Girls

How is Camp Nageela able to provide their camping experience at a significantly lower cost than other camps? 
Our campus in upstate NY was built to accommodate year-round resort groups. At the end of every camp season, the campus is converted into a resort style retreat center and we welcome groups all winter long. This year-round revenue covers most of the costs related to the maintenance of the campgrounds. The result? The #1 camping experience at an unbeatable cost.

We do not belong to any synagogue or temple, will my child feel comfortable in camp? 
Camp Nageela is renowned for the warm and welcoming feeling that can be felt from the moment one steps on grounds. Nageela campers are from homes of all Jewish backgrounds and affiliations. No matter how much or how little Jewish knowledge and customs a camper knows when coming to camp, s/he will fit right in and feel comfortable in the camp environment. Campers return home from Camp Nageela with many new Jewish friends and a renewed and invigorated sense of Jewish pride. Find out just how good of a fit Nageela is for your family- give us a call and we will be happy to put you in touch directly with other Nageela families in your area to learn more about the Nageela experience from their perspectives. 




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